Monday, 6 January 2014

Year 13 Task

Tuesday's lesson you will be in my room. Those resitting the exam on Thursday will be doing a past paper and revision session. 

The rest of the class still MUST attend. Your task is below and should be completed for Thursday. You may use Wednesday's lesson to complete this also I will not be in first thing due to a Hospital appointment with my son. 

Task- You are to write 2 short essay's both with the same title but one will be focused on GTA 4 and the other on the Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle advertising campaign. 

Essay question: How stereotypical are the representations in your chosen texts? (Please write as two separate short essays) 

This is a sample exam question and should be relatively straight forward as the focus of last year's work was  representation. You will probably need to remind yourselves of the information on GTA 4, if you don't have your handouts then see the common for notes and PPT's

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