Wednesday, 1 January 2014

RESIT: MS1 Audio-Visual Revision Material

So I have put my thinking hat on, trying to get my head around what audio-visual material may come up and so far here are my thoughts...

TV material has been used frequently:
- Great Expectations means that historical drama would probably be ruled out for film too

- Rugby last year means that anything sports related is likely to be ignored

- News has been used a few years ago so may not come up.

Soooo I am hoping that this means either a film trailers, adverts, film or game extracts or music video. I would be surprised if music video comes up as there is not much coverage of the music industry within the course. It's been a big year for both the film and gaming industry so in an ideal world we would see a film trailer or advert for a game, which would play to your strengths having started studying gaming and advertising industry for Year 13 and focusing on the Film industry for coursework for Year 12 and 13.

As we know none of this is set in stone but it helps to be extra prepared in areas that are likely to come up whilst making sure you are prepared for all potential topics. 

I am posting links for some material that I hope is along the lines of potential exam material for you to practice question 1 textual analysis and make notes on the representations within the texts as well as  audiences, targeting and responses for questions 2 and 3. Please remember that extracts or the openings could come up rather than the trailers/adverts. 

• The Great Gatsby Film Trailer

• Bioshock Infinite Game Advert 

• Gravity Trailer

• Tomb Raider Survivor Advert

• The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Trailer

• Sims 4 Advert

Hope this is helpful! Will post again tomorrow with some more revision tips and support! 

By the way, Happy New Year! 

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