Thursday, 2 January 2014


Hey guys,

I am sorting a few things to hopefully provide a few more sessions during the days so we may also have sessions Lesson 2 Monday and Lesson 1 Tuesday when I should have Year 11 who are doing their mocks. Will have to let you know first thing on Monday.

Sessions that WILL be happening:

• Monday lesson 1
• Monday lesson 6 (you could bring your lunch)
• Monday after school (this means no FILMCLUB)
• Tuesday lessons 2 (as normal) & 3
• Wednesday after school 

Also Mrs Davies and I are swapping lessons on Tuesday so you'll be with me lessons 5 & 7 where we will do some revision tasks and the rest of the class will be working on corrections for their Research Investigations

Can I please stress that if you have timetabled lessons when I am running a revision session you must attend your timetabled lesson! As a result the after school revision sessions, Tuesday lesson 2 and Tuesday lessons 5 & 7 are vital that you attend. The other sessions will be for you to all bring your individual concerns questions etc and to have a space to revise and complete mock questions etc. 

Any problems or questions let me know.
Cheers, Mrs M

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