Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Year 13 MS3 Production Support

In your production teams please watch these videos and write notes. On your blogs you are to respond, explaining what information and tips you have gained in preparation for your production. 

Monday, 18 November 2013

Year 13 RESIT Group

Update for you all guys, is that I will be meeting with MS1 Exam resit candidates every Tuesday until the exam in January. Following the exam I will run the MS2 Coursework resit class from January to the end of April (if needed). This will help support you all fully whilst giving you the attention and time needed to improve your work. However if you are resitting coursework, it would be wise to begin improving your work in your own time, especially if you are applying to studying Media at University as you should include your coursework in your portfolio. If you work on your coursework before January and you want advice or your work remarked please speak to me.

Tomorrow will be for exam candidates so please bring the work set from last week on the blog.

Thanks, Mrs McCarthy

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Year 12 Task- Introduction to Scripts

Apologies Year 12 for not being in but my little boy is unwell. Please complete the task below and post the work on your own blogs. You were due to hand in your representation task to me today so either leave it on my desk or hand it in to Miss Davies tomorrow and I will collect it from her, work must be submitted or you will be at risk of recieving a strike.


Please make sure you complete the tasks in the correct order.

1. Click on the link below to view the script for Les Miserables. Read the script until you reach the line 'Javert approaches Jean Valjean.'



2.  Watch the video below of the opening of Les Miserables.


3.  Answer these questions.
- How did the script introduce the narrative (story), setting, time period, the characters and the genre?
- How did it engage you?
- How did the filmclip introduce the narrative (story), setting, time period,  the characters and the genre?
- How did it engage you?

4. Click on the link below and search IMSDB for three scripts within the genre you are choosing for your coursework. Read the opening scenes of the scripts and consider the following questions (respond on your blogs):
- How did each script introduce the narrative (story), setting, time period, the characters and the genre?
- How did each script engage you?
- What did each of the scripts have in common?
- What were the differences between the scripts?

Please note that not all of the scripts listed on the website actually are available to read, click on the title and scroll down to look for the 'Read script' line just before the comments section.


Year 13 Resit Task

Apologies all but as my little boy is unwell I am not going to be in today. 

Please can you use your time to ensure the following items are done for tomorrow's lesson with me where I can collect them from you. 

- Last weeks Resit task of bullet pointing your responses to the past paper on GQ and Saga magazines. Respond on your blog but also please print a copy. 

- On the common in the Year 13 2013 folder I have saved a PPT presentation called NEW Introduction to Representation. Either print a copy or save it to your memory stick. Complete the task at the end of the PPT. This task is due in next Tuesday. I am looking at your ability to select appropriate examples and discuss their representations as you would in the exam.

Coursework candidates:

- You should have a mood board of DVD covers and posters from your genre that are inspirational to you. Please post this on your blog by tomorrow.

- Ensure that you have posted and discussed your 2/3 examples to compare your production work to. Make sure that there are obvious elements that you can compare. 

- We will be discussing scripts and storyboards next week. Can you please watch the opening scenes of 3 films within your genre. Write a brief analysis of each and post on your blog by next Tuesday. You should discuss dialogue, setting, introduction to character, music and sound, establishing shots. If you are doing a story board consider shot type, shot duration and transitions. Those doing script please discuss how the narrative has been introduced and how has the audience been hooked. 

Please get these tasks done so we are able to move on next week.

Thanks, Mrs McCarthy

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Year 12 MS1 Representation Task

Using the aspects of representation (Gender, Age, Events, Issues, Ethnicity, National & Regional Identity), you must select a text for each area that highlights an interesting type of representation. Ensure you use a variety of media forms for your examples and provide a detailed and thorough explanation as to what kind of representation the text provides .


Tuesday, 5 November 2013

MS1 Resit Task


Write bullet points for each of the three questions listing as many ideas as possible.

Study the front covers for

GQ (December 09) and Saga Magazine (November 09).


Analyse the front covers for both GQ and Saga magazines commenting on:
• visual codes

• layout and design

• language and mode of address. [40]



(a) Study the front cover for GQ magazine. Suggest two different audiences for this
magazine. [4]


Study the front cover for Saga Magazine aimed at people over 50. Explore how this
audience has been targeted. [10]


With reference to your own detailed examples, explore how media texts target different
audiences. [16]

3. Using your own detailed examples, explore representations of age in the media today. [30]