Wednesday, 12 June 2013

FREE XBOX 360 Game

Good news guys the lovely people at Microsoft are giving anyone with an XBOX Gold account a free game each month. This month is Fable 3, for those who don't know it, it's an action adventure RPG. Check it out on XBOX Live! Great practical way to explore the games industry aspects we are currently studying.

Representation Theories

Support for Representation of Videogames

Reflective, Intentional, and Constructive Theories of Representation

The Reflective theory of representation is that language mirrors true meaning as it exists in the world.

The Intentional theory of representation is that words mean what the author intends them to mean.   The Constructive theory of representation is that neither things in themselves nor the individual users of language can fix meaning in language. Instead meanings are contextual - it is the particular symbolic code that fixes a meaning at a particular time.   Source: Hall, S. (1997b, pp.24-26) "The Work of Representation"

MS4 Representation in VideogamesTask

Textual Analysis

  • By NEXT Lesson:

Game of your choice!
(You will need access to it and must be able to play it.)
Analyse the representations of the following in terms of
mediation: stereotypes and the theories of intentional,
constructionist and/or reflective.

  • By Tuesday 17th June
Create a timeline of the evolution of the female role in video games .