Monday, 30 December 2013

MS1 Representation

Hi all,

Hope you had a brilliant Christmas! I will be posting quite a few things this week, particularly in preparation for the MS1 Resit next week! I will post a mock on here to be completed FULLY and handed in on the Monday so that I can mark it for you and return it on the Tuesday. 

Anyway... I watched a very challenging, interesting and thought provoking video that summed up the representation of women in the Media in 2013. This was made by an American group called The  Representation  Project, their website is below, have a nose at their posts and resources etc.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

All St Alban's Media Students

PLEASE complete this survey, I know the people conducting the research and it would really benefit them and us as a school and media department. 

Cheers guys,
Mrs M


So very sorry guys but I am not in as my little boy is poorly! 

SOOO...I should be in tomorrow and I know that many of you have WBAC this week but if you are doing the resit exam I  NEED to teach you guys on Thursday for the double instead of my year 12's. Can you please tell Ms Margerison? If you leave your booklets and any work to be marked on my desk I'll do it for Thursday.

Check out this link for a great media blog with plenty of info on theory. Can you familiarise yourself with this and your media theory booklets for Thursday and make sure you bring them in with pink booklets etc.
Thursday's Resit lessons 5 & 7 are COMPULSORY if you are resitting MS1 so make sure you are there. Callum if you can join us too please?

For today's lesson work on your investigations. A BIG plea is that you use the booklets, examples and videos etc that I have provided you as it will be obvious if you have not. Reminder that deadline is Thursday.

Secret Santa is today and I'm sad to not be there but I have left a big Merry Christmas gift bag for you to leave your pressies in to swap them. Luckily my neighbour is delivering my pressie for the person I have. Hope it's fun! 

See you tomorrow!
Mrs M 

Monday, 16 December 2013


Unfortunately you won't have a lesson on Tuesday due to the Year 11 Mock Art exam so rather than giving you a task Mrs Davies has kindly suggested you spend the time beginning the tasks that have been set for over the Christmas holidays.

Thanks and see you all Wednesday,
Mrs McCarthy

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Resit Candidates- MS1 Media Theory

This link is to another Media teacher's blog and their post on a 'Rough Guide to Media Theory'. Please have nose prior to our lesson next Tuesday. Also have a peek at some of the other posts, they are really good!

Monday, 9 December 2013

MS1 Resit Exam Overview

This document gives a great summary of the exam and some tips on timing and structure- we will discuss this further in the morning. 

A reminder that WJEC have confirmed that your exam will be audio-visual based.

IMPORTANT! Year 13 Resit Candidates

Your exam is a month today! You must be at tomorrow's resit lesson, period 2. I will need all tasks set so far to be submitted so that they can be marked and returned to you for next week. I will be handing out essential revision tools tomorrow and setting an important task. 

Tasks set so far- 
- Representation examples (text for each type of representation) 
- GQ and Saga past paper answers in bullet point format
- Sims 2 and Kidulthood past paper answers in bullet point format

Tomorrow we are looking at theories and refreshing on exam technique. Please bring your Media theory booklets (the pretty one's), your pink revision booklet and any outstanding work.

Thanks, Mrs M  

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Year 12 MS2 Pre-production Task

Apologies but I am not in today so your task is in preparation for tomorrow's lesson when I will be in. 
Before films can be made, the writers or directors have to pitch their ideas to the production company. This can be a lengthy process involving several presentations and written documents such as a treatment. This process is usually started with an extremely short pitch explaining their film concept in the simplest and most efficient way. They usually get an opportunity to share between 25 words or 5 lines. In fact the original pitch for 'Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone' was- It's about a boy who goes to wizarding school. 

Your task is to produce a brief initial pitch for your own film idea that you will be using for your coursework. Please post this on your blog AND bring a copy to the lesson to present to the class tomorrow.

Looking forward to hearing all your great ideas!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

MS3 Graphics for Trailers

The video below contains a range of graphics from real film trailers. Please watch this video and appreciate how the range of style and typography reflects the genre. You should then produce a mood board, blog post or analysis of several examples of graphics for similar trailers to your own production.
Also please look at the next link which shows the end of trailer grahics and film titles. Please repeat the process to compare with your own production.
Your next task is to check the production company logo's of these similar films- which company would produce your film? Please source excellent quailty images of their logos.
You need to also design your own title graphics using Fireworks or Photoshop.