Monday, 30 December 2013

MS1 Representation

Hi all,

Hope you had a brilliant Christmas! I will be posting quite a few things this week, particularly in preparation for the MS1 Resit next week! I will post a mock on here to be completed FULLY and handed in on the Monday so that I can mark it for you and return it on the Tuesday. 

Anyway... I watched a very challenging, interesting and thought provoking video that summed up the representation of women in the Media in 2013. This was made by an American group called The  Representation  Project, their website is below, have a nose at their posts and resources etc.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

All St Alban's Media Students

PLEASE complete this survey, I know the people conducting the research and it would really benefit them and us as a school and media department. 

Cheers guys,
Mrs M


So very sorry guys but I am not in as my little boy is poorly! 

SOOO...I should be in tomorrow and I know that many of you have WBAC this week but if you are doing the resit exam I  NEED to teach you guys on Thursday for the double instead of my year 12's. Can you please tell Ms Margerison? If you leave your booklets and any work to be marked on my desk I'll do it for Thursday.

Check out this link for a great media blog with plenty of info on theory. Can you familiarise yourself with this and your media theory booklets for Thursday and make sure you bring them in with pink booklets etc.
Thursday's Resit lessons 5 & 7 are COMPULSORY if you are resitting MS1 so make sure you are there. Callum if you can join us too please?

For today's lesson work on your investigations. A BIG plea is that you use the booklets, examples and videos etc that I have provided you as it will be obvious if you have not. Reminder that deadline is Thursday.

Secret Santa is today and I'm sad to not be there but I have left a big Merry Christmas gift bag for you to leave your pressies in to swap them. Luckily my neighbour is delivering my pressie for the person I have. Hope it's fun! 

See you tomorrow!
Mrs M 

Monday, 16 December 2013


Unfortunately you won't have a lesson on Tuesday due to the Year 11 Mock Art exam so rather than giving you a task Mrs Davies has kindly suggested you spend the time beginning the tasks that have been set for over the Christmas holidays.

Thanks and see you all Wednesday,
Mrs McCarthy

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Resit Candidates- MS1 Media Theory

This link is to another Media teacher's blog and their post on a 'Rough Guide to Media Theory'. Please have nose prior to our lesson next Tuesday. Also have a peek at some of the other posts, they are really good!

Monday, 9 December 2013

MS1 Resit Exam Overview

This document gives a great summary of the exam and some tips on timing and structure- we will discuss this further in the morning. 

A reminder that WJEC have confirmed that your exam will be audio-visual based.

IMPORTANT! Year 13 Resit Candidates

Your exam is a month today! You must be at tomorrow's resit lesson, period 2. I will need all tasks set so far to be submitted so that they can be marked and returned to you for next week. I will be handing out essential revision tools tomorrow and setting an important task. 

Tasks set so far- 
- Representation examples (text for each type of representation) 
- GQ and Saga past paper answers in bullet point format
- Sims 2 and Kidulthood past paper answers in bullet point format

Tomorrow we are looking at theories and refreshing on exam technique. Please bring your Media theory booklets (the pretty one's), your pink revision booklet and any outstanding work.

Thanks, Mrs M  

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Year 12 MS2 Pre-production Task

Apologies but I am not in today so your task is in preparation for tomorrow's lesson when I will be in. 
Before films can be made, the writers or directors have to pitch their ideas to the production company. This can be a lengthy process involving several presentations and written documents such as a treatment. This process is usually started with an extremely short pitch explaining their film concept in the simplest and most efficient way. They usually get an opportunity to share between 25 words or 5 lines. In fact the original pitch for 'Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone' was- It's about a boy who goes to wizarding school. 

Your task is to produce a brief initial pitch for your own film idea that you will be using for your coursework. Please post this on your blog AND bring a copy to the lesson to present to the class tomorrow.

Looking forward to hearing all your great ideas!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

MS3 Graphics for Trailers

The video below contains a range of graphics from real film trailers. Please watch this video and appreciate how the range of style and typography reflects the genre. You should then produce a mood board, blog post or analysis of several examples of graphics for similar trailers to your own production.
Also please look at the next link which shows the end of trailer grahics and film titles. Please repeat the process to compare with your own production.
Your next task is to check the production company logo's of these similar films- which company would produce your film? Please source excellent quailty images of their logos.
You need to also design your own title graphics using Fireworks or Photoshop.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Year 13 MS3 Production Support

In your production teams please watch these videos and write notes. On your blogs you are to respond, explaining what information and tips you have gained in preparation for your production. 

Monday, 18 November 2013

Year 13 RESIT Group

Update for you all guys, is that I will be meeting with MS1 Exam resit candidates every Tuesday until the exam in January. Following the exam I will run the MS2 Coursework resit class from January to the end of April (if needed). This will help support you all fully whilst giving you the attention and time needed to improve your work. However if you are resitting coursework, it would be wise to begin improving your work in your own time, especially if you are applying to studying Media at University as you should include your coursework in your portfolio. If you work on your coursework before January and you want advice or your work remarked please speak to me.

Tomorrow will be for exam candidates so please bring the work set from last week on the blog.

Thanks, Mrs McCarthy

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Year 12 Task- Introduction to Scripts

Apologies Year 12 for not being in but my little boy is unwell. Please complete the task below and post the work on your own blogs. You were due to hand in your representation task to me today so either leave it on my desk or hand it in to Miss Davies tomorrow and I will collect it from her, work must be submitted or you will be at risk of recieving a strike.


Please make sure you complete the tasks in the correct order.

1. Click on the link below to view the script for Les Miserables. Read the script until you reach the line 'Javert approaches Jean Valjean.'



2.  Watch the video below of the opening of Les Miserables.


3.  Answer these questions.
- How did the script introduce the narrative (story), setting, time period, the characters and the genre?
- How did it engage you?
- How did the filmclip introduce the narrative (story), setting, time period,  the characters and the genre?
- How did it engage you?

4. Click on the link below and search IMSDB for three scripts within the genre you are choosing for your coursework. Read the opening scenes of the scripts and consider the following questions (respond on your blogs):
- How did each script introduce the narrative (story), setting, time period, the characters and the genre?
- How did each script engage you?
- What did each of the scripts have in common?
- What were the differences between the scripts?

Please note that not all of the scripts listed on the website actually are available to read, click on the title and scroll down to look for the 'Read script' line just before the comments section.


Year 13 Resit Task

Apologies all but as my little boy is unwell I am not going to be in today. 

Please can you use your time to ensure the following items are done for tomorrow's lesson with me where I can collect them from you. 

- Last weeks Resit task of bullet pointing your responses to the past paper on GQ and Saga magazines. Respond on your blog but also please print a copy. 

- On the common in the Year 13 2013 folder I have saved a PPT presentation called NEW Introduction to Representation. Either print a copy or save it to your memory stick. Complete the task at the end of the PPT. This task is due in next Tuesday. I am looking at your ability to select appropriate examples and discuss their representations as you would in the exam.

Coursework candidates:

- You should have a mood board of DVD covers and posters from your genre that are inspirational to you. Please post this on your blog by tomorrow.

- Ensure that you have posted and discussed your 2/3 examples to compare your production work to. Make sure that there are obvious elements that you can compare. 

- We will be discussing scripts and storyboards next week. Can you please watch the opening scenes of 3 films within your genre. Write a brief analysis of each and post on your blog by next Tuesday. You should discuss dialogue, setting, introduction to character, music and sound, establishing shots. If you are doing a story board consider shot type, shot duration and transitions. Those doing script please discuss how the narrative has been introduced and how has the audience been hooked. 

Please get these tasks done so we are able to move on next week.

Thanks, Mrs McCarthy

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Year 12 MS1 Representation Task

Using the aspects of representation (Gender, Age, Events, Issues, Ethnicity, National & Regional Identity), you must select a text for each area that highlights an interesting type of representation. Ensure you use a variety of media forms for your examples and provide a detailed and thorough explanation as to what kind of representation the text provides .


Tuesday, 5 November 2013

MS1 Resit Task


Write bullet points for each of the three questions listing as many ideas as possible.

Study the front covers for

GQ (December 09) and Saga Magazine (November 09).


Analyse the front covers for both GQ and Saga magazines commenting on:
• visual codes

• layout and design

• language and mode of address. [40]



(a) Study the front cover for GQ magazine. Suggest two different audiences for this
magazine. [4]


Study the front cover for Saga Magazine aimed at people over 50. Explore how this
audience has been targeted. [10]


With reference to your own detailed examples, explore how media texts target different
audiences. [16]

3. Using your own detailed examples, explore representations of age in the media today. [30]

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Game Console Adverts Textual Analysis

So as you all probably know, November brings the release of not one but two new consoles! Both PS4 and X-Box One are eagerly anticipated in the gaming market and for both Year 12 and 13 the adverts below should be of great interest. For Year 13 as you are studying the Games Industry this is obviously relevent and for Year 12 and any MS1 resit students these adverts could be excellent examples to discuss in your exam.

Watch the videos and along with the usual analysis aspects such as visual, audio and technical codes, I would like you all to consider how the audiences are targeted and appealed to in each advert.




Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Year 13 MS3 Videos on Research

The following videos have been created by another Media Studies teacher who has kindly shared their resources. They include some excellent tips, advice and support that will be extremely useful for your Research Investigation. Please watch them, listen carefully and make some notes; use all this information as you conduct your research and complete your investigations.

Top Tips For Media Students

A brilliant list of tips for Media Students, particularly useful for those intending to study Media at University. Please take the time to have a look at this and consider the points carefully. Click link below

Year 12 Narrative Tasks

Introduction to Narrative

Task 1- Using stock images construct a photostory or a digital storyboard of your day so far.
Then consider:
  • What aspects of the narrative have you selected and why?
  • What have you selected and why?
  • Whether your 'story' is linear or moves about in time.
  • What camera shots you have used and their effect.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Year 13 Resits

Message for all Year 13 pupils who have chosen to resit AS coursework and/or exam. T1 has been booked every Tuesday lesson 2 and my time has been protected so that we can meet weekly. It is very important that you attend  although you may not always be kept for the hour, you will need to collect work and hand in work regularly.

Tomorrow (22nd October) we will be analysing the Exam report looking at BOTH MS1 & MS2 so please ensure you attend.

Thanks, Mrs McCarthy


Thursday, 19 September 2013

Guide to Editing

BFI's Introduction to Editing

Both classes have seen these videos before but it is good to have this link saved as it is an extremely useful resource. Year 12 this will help you with your textual analysis skills and support your coursework later this year. Year 13, please watch these videos again to help you prepare for your own filming and editing.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Media University Applicants

Tips on creating a Media Portfolio
I also have a book on Careers in the Media and Film Industry that you can look at.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Year 13 MS3 Zombie Film Genre

Jess & Lowri- a useful PPT presentation with information on Zombie genre.

Year 13 MS3 Dark Comedy Group

Stuart & Callum- Link below is a list of the 35 top dark comedies.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

FREE XBOX 360 Game

Good news guys the lovely people at Microsoft are giving anyone with an XBOX Gold account a free game each month. This month is Fable 3, for those who don't know it, it's an action adventure RPG. Check it out on XBOX Live! Great practical way to explore the games industry aspects we are currently studying.

Representation Theories

Support for Representation of Videogames

Reflective, Intentional, and Constructive Theories of Representation

The Reflective theory of representation is that language mirrors true meaning as it exists in the world.

The Intentional theory of representation is that words mean what the author intends them to mean.   The Constructive theory of representation is that neither things in themselves nor the individual users of language can fix meaning in language. Instead meanings are contextual - it is the particular symbolic code that fixes a meaning at a particular time.   Source: Hall, S. (1997b, pp.24-26) "The Work of Representation"

MS4 Representation in VideogamesTask

Textual Analysis

  • By NEXT Lesson:

Game of your choice!
(You will need access to it and must be able to play it.)
Analyse the representations of the following in terms of
mediation: stereotypes and the theories of intentional,
constructionist and/or reflective.

  • By Tuesday 17th June
Create a timeline of the evolution of the female role in video games .

Sunday, 12 May 2013


A few last reminders and a message from myself and Miss Davies.

Exam is 9am in B13!

Question 1- remember organise your paragraphs based on each bullet point eg Visual Codes and include 3 visual codes.
PPE- Point, Purpose and Effect.

Audience- don't forget how they are categorised and appealed to/targeted. Know your theories!

Representations- make sure you stick to the representations given in the question.

Example based questions- 2/3 examples (unless question specifies different). Use different types of media texts.

Overall tips:
2. Organise your notes and use them as a plan for your answers.
3. Manage your time effectively!
4. Don't be too descriptive!
5. Remember that all media is construction through a process of mediation and selection. The media is not a window to the world!

Finally, we are really going to be thinking of you all tomorrow morning and praying that all do the best you possibly can! Well done for all your hard work and revision. Thanks so much for those who have attended revision sessions, accessed this blog or used their pink booklets, we are really proud of your maturity and hard work! Keep focused tomorrow, sleep well tonight and eat breakfast!

Mrs McCarthy and Miss Davies

MS1 Events Print based Examples

For those who requested some examples for events covered in the press they are below. As we discussed remember these are the events based ones do not use them if the question is issues.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

MS1 Events Examples Moving Images

For those of you who were asking for some more example texts on representation of events here are a couple of moving image examples for you:

BBC, Royal Wedding Coverage

BBC, Olympics Opening Ceremony, Isle of Wonders

MS1 Best Front Pages of 2012

Great link I stumbled upon tonight thatch help you be prepared with a few more front pages of newspapers that were for some of the most high profile stories of 2012.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

MS1 Advertising based Audience Theory

The link below refers to the Young & Rubicam theory that categorises consumers. This audience theory is advised to be used in relation to advertising such as TV adverts, Film Trailers and Film Posters. Link below will explain the theory

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

MS1 Representation of Issues- Phillpott Tragedy Alternative Link

For those who have struggled to access the mediaedusites link try this link below for some similar resources:

MS1 Revision WEDNESDAY too!

Update is there is no rehearsal Wednesday so I CAN DO A REVISION SESSION Wednesday after school as well as Friday. Tomorrow I will be giving tips from the chef examiners! Will include key things to do and avoid plus things to make sure you revise. Friday will purely be last minute issues which will be important to attend if there are any questions so you don't go home for the weekend and get stuck on something!

Monday, 6 May 2013

MS1 Audience Theory

Another reminder that it is really important that you are familiar with Audience Theories. Have a look again at your Media Theory booklet and the pink booklet in the audience section.

Also check out this link below, I have posted it before but it's such a brief and effective way of reminding you of the theories that I am posting it again:


Tuesday after school Mrs McCarthy will be running a revision session. PLEASE make every effort to attend. We will be focusing on and revisiting how to tackle those essay questions.

Friday, 3 May 2013

MS1 Question 1 Practice

Study the film trailer for Grown Up's 2 (2013)


1. Analyse the extract commenting on:
  • visual codes
  • technical and audio codes
  • genre coventions

Thursday, 2 May 2013


Here are some of the points you could have included in your answers today:
Visual Codes:
  • use of graphics (including countdown and names of drugs in title sequence)
  • title sequence
  • images of drugs
  • contrast between studio lighting and natural lighting (also a technical code)
  • facial expression - serious tone of programme
  • informal dress codes of 'experts'
Technical and audio codes
  • newsreader's voice
  • voiceover narration
  • archive footage of news
  • use of close-ups/extreme close-ups
  • editing (use of fades/dissolves, slow motion, jump cuts)
  • use of music
  • filming techniques to emphasise constructed nature if the programme.
  • factual/documentary nature of the programme
  • informative voiceover
  • vox pop interviews
  • use of interviews with experts
  • use of different types of footage appropriate to the documentary/factual programme (archive, vox pop, visual images relating to the subject matter of the programme)
  • use of (dramatic) images relating to the subject matter
  • subject-specific lexis to establish the tone of the programme.

Audiences that you could have included:
  • regular viewers of the Horizon documentary series

  • audience(s) interested in serious documentary programmes
  • audience(s) interested in the subject matter
  • particular demographics
  • younger audiences attracted by the subject matter
  • older audiences/parents watching for information
  • drug users
    QUESTION 2(b):
    • the presentation of the programme (attempting to appeal to a younger audience)
    • the presentation of the programme (attempting to make the subject matter dramatic)
    • informative/serious tone of the programme
    • Close-ups/extreme close-ups/editing - attempting to attract a younger audience/making the documentary interesting for regular documentary viewers
    • information delivered in a range of ways.
    QUESTION 2(c):
    Responses that you could have included linking with your own examples:
    • use of technical and audio codes e.g. camera shots, editing, sound (audio-visual texts)
    • layout and design (print texts).
    • language and mode of address
    • use of images
    • use of stars, celebrities, presenters etc.
    • presentation of subject matter.
    • Best answers should always refer to purpose and effect.
    Popular examples from previous past papers included:
    • body image
    • poverty 

  • conflict diamonds
  • the representation of young/old people
  • gangs
  • war
  • issues of child sex slavery and child soldiers arising from reporting on Kony
  • teenage pregnancy 
  • violence.
  • The best answers for question 3 should introduce the concept, demonstrate understanding of representation through the analysis of specific media texts and then summed up the points in a conclusion. Also the best responses should  discuss the chosen issue with reference to detailed examples from a range of formats and to show a more perceptive understanding of representation as a media concept incorporating: context, ideology, construction and mediation.

    Tuesday, 30 April 2013

    MS1 Past Paper Video

    Year 12 watch this video in preparation for your lesson Thursday where you will be completing the past paper. You can bring notes with you.

    Monday, 29 April 2013

    MS1- TV Programmes

    The TV programmes below show a range of representations, have a look at them and revise the visual/audio/technical codes, narrative and genre conventions within them so that you can use them for your own examples:
    • Gavin and Stacey (National and Regional Identities)

    MS1- Websites

    Have a look at the websites below and consider the appropriate audiences and representations for each site.

    MS1 Issues- Disability

    Cbeebies presenter Cerrie Burnell has faced discrimination, have a look at the texts below so you can use this is as an example.


    Sunday, 28 April 2013

    MS1 BBC News Bulletins

    Video below is the first BBC News broadcast from the new Broadcasting House.

    Video below discusses the progression in technology within BBC News broadcasts over the last 40 years- good for revision!

    MS1 Magazine Front Covers

    Below are a range of magazine front covers that link with a variety of representations, see if you can identify the representations within each cover. Also who are the audiences being targeted and how?

    MS1- Newspaper (The Independant)

    Effective Newspaper Front Covers on Issues

    MS1 Newspapers

    Brilliant website that gives you a range of newspapers front covers and also gives you the ability to search front pages. Monday's front covers are an interesting read as Dame Helen Mirren is represented in a variety of ways that reflect her success, her gender and her age.

    MS1 Ethnicity- Rastamouse

    We discussed CBEEBIES programme Rastamouse last week so here is an extract of an episode...

    MS1 TV Programmes- Channel 4

    Use Channel 4 On Demand service to watch the following programmes:

    • Made in Chelsea (Regional and National Identities)
    • My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding (Ethnicity & Gender)
    • My Big Fat Gypsy Fortune(Ethnicity & Gender)
    Follow the link below to take you to the programme selection page:

    For representation of Issues there are a wealth of suitable documentaries on the 4OD News, Current Affairs and Politics page (link below).

    MS1 Ethnicity & Gender

    The Truth About Travellers
    Channel 5 at 9pm Sunday or Channel 5+ at 10pm

    A great text to add to your list of examples!

    Tuesday, 23 April 2013

    MS1 Exam- Games Extracts/Adverts

    (Focus on technical, visual and audio codes)

    MS1 Exam- Film Trailers

    (Focus on technical, visual and audio codes)
    IRON MAN 3

    MS1 Representaion of Gender in Film Trailers

    Voice Over

    Very interesting video dicussing the dominance of men within movie trailer voice overs.


    Thursday, 11 April 2013

    How to Create a Prezi

    Presentation Ideas

    Have a look at this link for a different approach to presenting rather than PPt and also take on board the tips on creating presentations.

    Wednesday, 10 April 2013

    MS1 Task

    Text Comparison

     1. Analyse the two film posters commenting on:
    • Visual codes
    • Layout and design
    • Genre conventions

    (a) Choose one of the film posters. Suggest two different audience for this film. Give brief reasons for your choice.

    (b) Using either of the film posters explain how the main audience for the film has been targeted.

    (c) What different uses are available to a range of audiences from different media texts? Refer to your own detailed examples.

    3. With reference to your own detailed examples, explore the different representations of gender in the media today.


    Wednesday, 6 March 2013

    Year 13 Institutions

    This prezzi has lots of information on Institutions, Regulation, Ownership and Branding etc. Very useful for Unit 1.

    MS2 Storyboard Examples

    I found this website that includes 15 sections of storyboards from popular films. They include very little detail in terms of dialogue, FX etc which you MUST include but it is well worth taking a look to get some inspiration and seeing if you can include this for research as well.

    MS2 Script Examples

    For all those who are editing their pre-production scripts have a look at the lonk below for actual scripts from high profile films to ensure that you have looked at scripts within in your genre (remember this counts as research) and can be certain you are conforming to Indsutry codes and conventions for script writing.

    Film Poster Artist

    Drew Struzan

    Miss Davies found this link that may of interest and help as you are researching for and designing your film posters. Drew Struzan is an extremely successful poster artist who has created many very successful marketing campaigns for big blockbuster movies. Have a look at the link below for information on his work and a documentary being made about him. 

    Monday, 4 March 2013

    Year 12 MS2 Example Photoshoot

    Here are some images from Rhian's photoshoot so that you can get an idea of what the images looked like before and how the photoshoot was organised.