Friday, 3 January 2014

MS1 RESIT- Example Texts

I know that you are finishing off your little revision booklets and I thought I would share some interesting print texts as most people seemed to be lacking print examples. I would like to see the booklets again but fully complete on Monday along with your mock answers (see post on MOCK EXAM).

The texts below have been selected for a variety of reasons from interesting representations, target audiences or audience responses and some for all of the above. 

I would like to highlight a few...

• GQ received HUGE amounts of backlash via Twitter from the 1 Directioners as a fan base regarding their representation of the band on their special editions covers (there was one for each member) particularly Harry's as they felt he was misrepresented- it is worth noting that they (fans) are not actually the target audience for GQ!

• Pain and Gain could be used for  National and Regional Identities (as the DVD cover is very much americanised), Issues for representation of Crime as this was based on true events and gender. Also the victim has written an article explaining his version and complaining about the misrepresentation of the events and his character in the film.

• TIME, The Guardian and Rolling Stone all feature very different representations of the Boston bombing (event). Rolling Stone were heavily criticised for their cover of one of the bombers as it was claimed that they had glamourised and glorified him. 

• I particularly like the representation of Prince Charles on the Daily Mail, a lovely one to use for both events and age!

• The Impossible (2004 Tsunami) and Zero Dark Thirty (Hunt for Osama Bin Laden) are both based on true stories of real life events and could be used in an interesting way to discuss events. Their marketing also uses this to specifically target their audience

I also like the rest but feel they quite self explanatory. Hope this helps! 

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