Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Year 13 Resit Task

Apologies all but as my little boy is unwell I am not going to be in today. 

Please can you use your time to ensure the following items are done for tomorrow's lesson with me where I can collect them from you. 

- Last weeks Resit task of bullet pointing your responses to the past paper on GQ and Saga magazines. Respond on your blog but also please print a copy. 

- On the common in the Year 13 2013 folder I have saved a PPT presentation called NEW Introduction to Representation. Either print a copy or save it to your memory stick. Complete the task at the end of the PPT. This task is due in next Tuesday. I am looking at your ability to select appropriate examples and discuss their representations as you would in the exam.

Coursework candidates:

- You should have a mood board of DVD covers and posters from your genre that are inspirational to you. Please post this on your blog by tomorrow.

- Ensure that you have posted and discussed your 2/3 examples to compare your production work to. Make sure that there are obvious elements that you can compare. 

- We will be discussing scripts and storyboards next week. Can you please watch the opening scenes of 3 films within your genre. Write a brief analysis of each and post on your blog by next Tuesday. You should discuss dialogue, setting, introduction to character, music and sound, establishing shots. If you are doing a story board consider shot type, shot duration and transitions. Those doing script please discuss how the narrative has been introduced and how has the audience been hooked. 

Please get these tasks done so we are able to move on next week.

Thanks, Mrs McCarthy

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