Tuesday, 17 December 2013


So very sorry guys but I am not in as my little boy is poorly! 

SOOO...I should be in tomorrow and I know that many of you have WBAC this week but if you are doing the resit exam I  NEED to teach you guys on Thursday for the double instead of my year 12's. Can you please tell Ms Margerison? If you leave your booklets and any work to be marked on my desk I'll do it for Thursday.

Check out this link for a great media blog with plenty of info on theory. Can you familiarise yourself with this and your media theory booklets for Thursday and make sure you bring them in with pink booklets etc. 
Thursday's Resit lessons 5 & 7 are COMPULSORY if you are resitting MS1 so make sure you are there. Callum if you can join us too please?

For today's lesson work on your investigations. A BIG plea is that you use the booklets, examples and videos etc that I have provided you as it will be obvious if you have not. Reminder that deadline is Thursday.

Secret Santa is today and I'm sad to not be there but I have left a big Merry Christmas gift bag for you to leave your pressies in to swap them. Luckily my neighbour is delivering my pressie for the person I have. Hope it's fun! 

See you tomorrow!
Mrs M 

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