Tuesday, 26 February 2013

MS2 Poster Development Task

Technical Codes


Analyse the above image then consider the following questions and provide your opinions in the comments:

  • What are the denotations and connotations of the uses of colour in this film poster?
  • Why do you think these fonts were chosen?
  • Why are red and black the most prominent colours for horror film posters?

Once you have added your comments you should consider the use of colour and font within your genre to ensure that you have addressed the appropriate codes and conventions in order to appeal to your target auidence.



  1. The colour red has connotations of blood and danger which is good for a horror film. The green and red together show that it is christmas which links with the title "Black Christmas." I think the font was chosen because it is not a friendly font which shows that it is not a friendly film. There is blood splattered on the letters which shows that this is a horror film. Red and black are prominent colours in horror films because red is symbolising blood and horror and danger and black is symbolising the unknown and darkness.

  2. this poster has a red on it with symbolizes blood and death but when red is mixed with green it symbolizes Christmas and the holiday season. this is important because the the film is a horror film at Christmas.
    the fonts that are in the poster give the impresstion that it is a horror movie.
    the colours red and black are prominante in horror movies because red symbolizes blood and death. Black is also important because it symbolizes darkness and death aswell.

  3. The use of colours all represent different things. The Black helps represent the genre in which it is, Horror. The red is used to represent blood and gore which is normally seen in horror films, the added effect of the spash and dripping that has been used. The tint of green is a colour normally associated with christmas. I feel all these aid the person viewing it to figure it is a horror that is based on Christmas time. The typography used also includes the splatters of bloodon the babuble

  4. What are the denotations and connotations of the uses of colour in this film poster?
    Connotations of the colours used in this poster show us that it used darker colours however we can then see connotations of a darker and sinister plot. The black can be seen as ‘shadows’ ‘evil’ and overall ‘darkness’ the use of the colour red may have connotations of blood death and maybe even danger when used in this sinister context. The use of the colour green helps to bring in the ‘Christmas’ feel, and works with the red to reinforce that idea while still looking dark and giving a creepy feel.
    Why do you think these fonts were chosen?
    The font uses has a almost jagged effect giving off a sharp feeling. Further connotation of this could be that they are resembling knives, this is also reinforced with the blood over the text. It is also bold and white, a good contrast on the dark background allowing an audience to clearly see what this poster is advertising (the film Black Christmas)
    Why are red and black the most prominent colours for horror film posters?
    Red may be prominent in horror films as it can have connotations of blood, death and danger. Most horror films feature one or all of the main characters getting attacked or brutally murdered resulting in a lot of blood shed. The colour black also prominent as it can have connotations of shadows, and darkness, most horror films taking place at night is in dark secluded areas in order to conceal their presents until they are ready to kill, this leaves the audience in suspense as they wonder where the next attack will come from.

  5. Q1:
    The denotation of the red in the poster is that there blood could be split in the film or something bad will happen in the film. The denotations of the colour black is that he movie is likely to be something dark. The connotations of the colour red on the film poster will be the blood of the victim of the horror film. The white text on the poster is white. The white text on the posters has the denotations of innocence and the purity of the victim and is often seen as a pure colour.

    There are actually two different fonts on the film poster one for the title of the film and another one for the tagline of the film. The tagline of the film is simple and does not have any fancy design. The font for the title is moving around a bit and is a good size to make it easier to read.
    The film poster uses the colours black, red and white as these colours are associated with horror films. Red and black are often used in horror films as black is often seen as a dark colour and red is often associated with blood and evil.

  6. The Denotation: Black is the most obvious colour when looking at this document, the bauble slightly blends into the background of this image making the black an even stronger dark colour scheme in this poster. Blood colouring is also used on the bauble and the same colour is used for the quotation to tease us into wanting to see the film. The Connotations: this colour is widely used for horror film poster and gives the impression of a dark and mysterious on-goings due to only being able to see the dark blood coloured bauble in an equally dark room. The green light to the side of the blood on the bauble gives us the indication that the situation in which caused the bloody bauble came from that direction which is out of site the viewer. The Blood tells us that the film contains some type or gore and violence which is expected from all of the clues that tells us this is a dark horror thriller.

  7. Black is the most prominent colour on the poster. This is expected as the poster is for a horror movie. Black connotes an evil and sinister plot line, a lot of horror films are set in dark places such as woods or old buildings they are also normally set at night as mostly everyone has a slight fear of the dark and a main part of the horror genre is fear. Red is used to show the blood, again a main feature within the horror genre. Red is the colour of danger and it gives the impression of this element within the film.

    The font on the poster is quite harsh and eye catching as it is al in capitals, the red stands out against the black background as does the white and again the blood splatters give us an impression that the film is going to be quite violent.

    Red is used a lot in horror posters as it symbolises blood, danger and death as a few of the characters normally die by the end of the film from being murdered in a horrific way. Horror films are usually quite dark and shadowy, this is why black is almost always used in horror movie posters.

  8. The red on the poster symbolizes death and has connotations of danger as well as the blood on the title and the bauble portraying the film genre as a horror, the green and red colours which strongly resemble christmas and festive seasons and the blood and dark colours fit the film title 'Black Christmas'.
    The red and white font stand out against the dark background and I think the font was chosen because its pointed and sticks out kind of like a knife.
    Red and black are the most prominent colours in horror films because the symoblizes blood, hate, anger and danger and the black symoblizes death, darkness, unknown destruction and fear.

  9. The two main colours in this poster both have strong connotations. The colour red symbloises blood and perhaps murder which are important aspects of a horror film. The green shows that it has a christmas aspect which goes with the title "Black Christmas." the bauble too supporting this. In my poinion the font was chosen becuase of it's sharp edges perhaps to relate to a knife or some sort of sharp weapon and the blood covering help support my point. The prominent colours in horror films are usually red and black, becuase red symbolises danger and horror where as the black shows darkness.

  10. The denotation of this poster would be darkness as it is called black christmas. A connotation would be the red writing as it makes you think of death and blood.
    I think that the fonts are used to give a more spooky feel as it looks like it had blood splattered over the title.
    Red and black are the most prominent colours as it gives you the feeling of darkness and death.

  11. From looking at the film poster you can see that it is a film about Christmas and also some sort of horror because of the splattered blood across the Christmas decoration.
    I think that the fonts were chosen because they might show the genre of the film and make the viewer want to watch the film more because they might like the look and style of the film poster.
    Red and black are the most prominent colours in horror films because red symbolises blood and black is dark and spooky and mysterious.

  12. Each of the different colours on the poster helps to represent different things, but when used all together they help to create an eerie and sinister look. This is mainly shown through the green in the bottom corner, and the red blood effect on the decoration.
    The font that was used on the poster is rather basic yet effective as the ending and beginning of the letters look quite sharp and pointed, and being in the colours of white and red make the words stand out strongly against the dark background.
    Red and black are the most used colour on horror film posters as it makes them look creepy, scary and gory as the red is always used as a blood effect.

  13. The red colour on the bauble clearly symbolizes blood, blood is a very common aspect of horror movies as someone conventionally is killed. The green colour coming from the left hand side indicates that something is there, it makes it look mysterious and intriguing despite the fact it is known to be bad. Together the red and green symbolize Christmas along with the bauble and title, 'Black Christmas' it is the biggest point of the poster. The darkness that is mostly to the right of the poster is also very common in horror movies as something or someone can easily hide there.

  14. The colour red has connotations of anger and danger but when paired with green also portrays Christmas so both connotations have been used in this poster. The poster being as a majority black suggests the genre to be horror and how dark the poster is links to the title of the film being ‘Black Christmas’. The three colours teamed together create a sinister and creepy image. The use of blood links to the horror aspect and suggests someone to be killed in the film. The font used in the poster is jagged and unfriendly to help reinforce the horror concept as there is blood on the title with such a jagged font it can represent a weapon used in the film.

  15. The use of red in the poster denotes that the film is a horror. Red also has connotations of warnings and danger so from the onset just by looking at the poster we are aware of what the film may be about. By using both green and red the poster helps to enforce the Christmas theme, whilst the heavy use of black still reminds us that it is a horror film as it helps to create a much more corrupt mood. I believe that the fonts were chosen to fit in with the themes of the film. Whilst it is white and “Christmassy” the splatters of blood and jagged edges help the feel of the poster whilst not revealing too much about the film’s plot. The use of red and black here isn’t uncommon for horror posters as red is symbolic of blood and anger whilst black represents a sense of unknowing and terror.

  16. Black Christmas

    Red and black are the most prominent colours in a horror because the black symbolises the darkness of the horror, where as the red represents the blood that we can expect to be spilled.
    These fonts for the title where used because the white will show out over the black-dark green background, they also have red in between them as well which could symbolise the blood from a victim. By mixing the two together, it makes the title look more interesting to the consumer.
    By having the red sentence at the top it brings your attention not only to the original film title, and bauble but to that again. By saying “the Ultimate Slay Ride” it entices the consumer to watch this festive horror.
    They used a light from the corner so that we can see what the decoration is, and then to make the consumer curious as to why it has blood on it, or a red liquid similar to blood.

  17. All of the colours within the poster represent different meanings, however they way they are positioned/shown gives an overall feeling of mysetey; what is the plot of the film,and the poster gives an eerie feeling/look. The denotation of the black, which takes up most of the background, hints at the genre of the film, which I think is horror/thriller. The use of the black also connotes an element of evil within the film or a tragic ending. The use of the green light in the bottom right hand corner also connotes a sense of evil but it also ties in with the title 'Black Christmas', as green is a tradional christmas colour. The position of the colour also hints that evil is lurking around the corner, or is not far away. The use of the red also hints at the chrsitmas period but also it its used in the form of blood, which hints at death/ injuries and also fear/danger.

    I think these particular fonts were chosen because they are simplistic yet, get the message across as they are eye-catching and bold. The title's colour makes it eye-catching against a black background and the use of the red looks like splattered blood which also hints at death.

    As I mentioned above the black is a prominant colour in this poster, and for all other horror films because they give an underlying message that the film has a sense of death and darkness. The use of red in horror films are also used mainly in the form of blood, to hint at injuries or someone being killed. Also the red is used for the hint of danger/fear.

  18. Black is the most prominent colour when looking at this poster, this gives the gives an obvious impression that it’s a dark, horror film. The use of red in the poster represents blood this adds to the horror which is trying to be shown through this poster.
    The font used in this poster is white, it is very sharp against the black background which makes it stand out a lot more. The font is all in capital letters which makes jagged and makes the poster even more sinister.
    Black is a prominent colour in horror films because it gives that feeling that you don’t know what’s out there. It also singles things out to make them feel alone, this is common in horror movies to show that there’s no help coming for you. Red is also common in horror movies because it symbolises blood and death, it also makes the movie posters more obvious as horror movies.

  19. The colour red suggests blood, danger etc, which any Horror film would have. The black suggests death etc, which features predominantly on any horror film dvd cover. The font was chosen as it is striking, in contrast with the black background, as it is white and sharp looking. There is also a splatter of blood over the white writing. There is also an eerie looking green glow at the bottom of the poster, suggesting the light from a christmas tree? which would tie in with the whole poster. Black is used lots for horror films as it suggests death and danger, which is a common thing within that genre.