Saturday, 28 May 2016

MS4 Video Games Industry Revision

MS4 Video Games Industry Revision: Audiences

Good morning, Medians!

Today's MS4 revision resources are focused on answering a question on Audience using the Video Games industry texts as your examples. I'll start off with some questions to get you focused and thinking, and then we'll add to this post over the coming days with lists of key points and some model paragraphs and answers.

(Thanks to those of you who have emailed me with questions and suggestions. You can join in by adding points through the comments below, or by emailing me on either my home or work email addresses, and I'll add your contributions to this post.

Is this useful to you? Tell me what we have missed and/or what else you need by email or comment.)


Your questions are going to be something like these:

  • How do audiences respond to your three main texts?
  • Explore the different ways your three main texts appeal to their audiences.
  • How do your three main texts position their audiences?
  • How do your chosen texts attract their audiences?
  • What do your media texts offer their audiences?
  • 'The main function of a media text is to entertain its audience.' How true is this statement for your three main texts?
  • What different pleasures do your chosen texts offer audiences?