Monday, 28 April 2014

MS1 Exam Revision Sessions

As mentioned during the half term session on MS1 (to those who were there!) I run additional revision sessions  weekly on the lead up to the exam. Although I thought I would run these from next week, I can actually start this week!

So this week, afterschool in T1 until 4pm I will run a revision session. Also reminding Year 13 Resit candidates that we have an additional revision lesson that is compulsory Tuesday's lesson 2- Year 12's are also welcome.

Reminder that you guys should be following our department on Twitter for useful tweets relating to your exams!

Friday, 11 April 2014

Media Department Twitter Account

Hi all, I have set up a twitter account for the department to keep you guys up to date, let you know about any key information, blog updates etc and hopefully share some interesting media related stuff! 

Please follow us on @MediaStAlbans and feel free to check out some of the people we follow as they are media related too! 

Hoping to use this to help support revision so please get involved! 

Cheers, Mrs McCarthy