Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Year 13 Institutions

This prezzi has lots of information on Institutions, Regulation, Ownership and Branding etc. Very useful for Unit 1.

MS2 Storyboard Examples

I found this website that includes 15 sections of storyboards from popular films. They include very little detail in terms of dialogue, FX etc which you MUST include but it is well worth taking a look to get some inspiration and seeing if you can include this for research as well.

MS2 Script Examples

For all those who are editing their pre-production scripts have a look at the lonk below for actual scripts from high profile films to ensure that you have looked at scripts within in your genre (remember this counts as research) and can be certain you are conforming to Indsutry codes and conventions for script writing.

Film Poster Artist

Drew Struzan

Miss Davies found this link that may of interest and help as you are researching for and designing your film posters. Drew Struzan is an extremely successful poster artist who has created many very successful marketing campaigns for big blockbuster movies. Have a look at the link below for information on his work and a documentary being made about him. 

Monday, 4 March 2013

Year 12 MS2 Example Photoshoot

Here are some images from Rhian's photoshoot so that you can get an idea of what the images looked like before and how the photoshoot was organised.

Year 12 MS2 Photoshoots


Any Year 12 students who have not aready started their photoshoots for your production pieces should do so this week. So far quite a few have already completed their's either independently or with the help of Miss Davies and her green screen. If you need the use of a green screen to edit backgrounds in, a professional camera or would just like some support on composition or editing please see Miss Davies asap please so that she can help you out this week. By next week you should be editing and working on the report.  

Please see below for a stunning first draft from Rhian Smith that shows the quality of the image and editing that can be achieved, she worked with Miss Davies on this. Rhian will now work on adding finishing touches such as the Title and release date information.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Year 13- Media Industry and Careers

Have a look at the above link for information on the available jobs within the industry in the UK and career pathways. Search the site for other Media related pathways and careers.