Tuesday, 26 February 2013

MS2 Inspirational DVD Covers

Best DVD Covers

The link below is a chart of the 15 best DVD covers although they are from 2008 they demonstrate some really important points to consider:
  •  Colour scheme apparent on the spine, front and back cover
  •  Font/Logo for film the same on both the front cover and spine
  •  Images on the spine
  •  Effective layouts on BOTH the front and back of the DVD cover
  •  Intriguing and appealing images on the front cover
  •  Conform to genre codes and conventions


MS2 DVD Front Cover Development Task


Study the following DVD covers for recent films, read the questions and then add your answers/opinions to the comments.

• Identify the generic signifiers or icons present in each one.
• How easy is it to identify the genres of the films through looking at the covers?
• A DVD cover must attract the attention of potential consumers and so they communicate important messages about the film. How important do you think the genre of these films is as a message compared to the other considerations such as the actors, awards, the special effects, the director or suggestions about the narrative?

Having added your comments below you must then consider the design of your own DVD cover and how it will relate to comparable products within the same genre.

MS2 Poster Development Task

Technical Codes


Analyse the above image then consider the following questions and provide your opinions in the comments:

  • What are the denotations and connotations of the uses of colour in this film poster?
  • Why do you think these fonts were chosen?
  • Why are red and black the most prominent colours for horror film posters?

Once you have added your comments you should consider the use of colour and font within your genre to ensure that you have addressed the appropriate codes and conventions in order to appeal to your target auidence.


Monday, 25 February 2013

YEAR 11- History in Print

BTEC Unit 7 Print Production

This video quickly sums up how far our ways have communicating have come as a result of the development of printing.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

YEAR 10- 22 Epic Games Posters

For those in Year 10 creating a videogame advertising poster for Unit 18 have a look at these for some inspiration and ideas; games posters created in the style of movie posters quite clever.



Keep up to date with all the lastest news from the Oscars by following their blog...

YEAR 10- Top 25 Rock Music Posters & 50 Amazing Indie Gig Posters

For those in Year 10 creating Music posters have a look at these for some inspiration, although not in your genres I think you can get some very creative ideas.




See the link below for another great site on movie posters that includes their best selling posters in a chart, allows you to search easily using their categories and has the posters for the top 10 box office films. Also has Music posters on the site.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Film Poster Trends

Click on the links for videos on the Film Poster Trends



Great site for Film Posters

The link below is a good place to search for a wide range of film posters from a variety of genres, time periods and countries. Has brilliant search features allowing you to search by Directors, Actors/Actresses, Designers and A-Z. Also highlights recent additions.
Year 10 and Year 12 should be looking for films from their genres to ensure your posters conform to codes and conventions. Year 12 must also concentrate on the marketing campaigns of specfic comparable products.

Inspirational Blog

Please check out this blog...


Mel has really grasped how I wanted these blogs to be used and developed. She is regularly updating it with the set tasks as well as interesting points or things that she has learnt. Please aspire to this and remember we will be now checking the blogs fortnightly and commenting on posts. You should also be commenting on posts from the department blog too.

Well done Mel!

Year 12 Using Secondary Quantitive Data

Useful Links

Please remember to have used relevant statistics in your report such as Box Office Ratings and DVD Sales. See the useful links section on the blog and access information on Box Office Mojo and IMDB. 

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Year 12 MS2 Audience

Audience Theories Revision

Year 12 check out the link below and read the information.

  • Identify which theory best applies to YOUR production work?
  • How will your marketing campaign engage your audience?
  • Who is your target audience and how have you identitified them?

Update your blog with a post that answers the above questions.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Monday, 4 February 2013

Warner Bros. Studio Tour - The Making of Harry Potter


Media Trip December 2012

We had an awesome day in December at the Harry Potter Film Studio Tour! For those who haven't yet seen this, have a look at Stuart Hole's (Year 12) video highlights.

We will be more posting images and videos here soon & let me know if you have made any of your own videos too.

MS2 Pre-production Tips

  MS2 Guidance on Opening Title Design

Really interesting and thought provoking video that should get you thinking about your pre-production task- especially those doing storyboards!

MS2 Research Ideas

Year 12 Research Ideas
Have a look at the suggestions from Empire Online and be inspired! They have lots of different review and charts so see if you can find more specific one for your own genre's.